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About us

Synergy Capital is a Financial Service company based out of Hyderabad, with more than 6 Years of experience and Synergy Effective team working for the best of the organisation



We knew in our gut, that history needed to be more than a timeline

10 May 2013                           

Synergy Data center

Synergy Capital started its journey dated back to 2013 as a Data Processing centre with rookies in the house. 

14th June 2016                           

Investment Advisory Services

At this point of time, management team of Synergy Groups identified their potential and expanded their presence into Investment Advisory services, with currently serving 70+ clients across the country.

20th December 2017

Accounting and Reporting

Synergy Capital entered into Accounting and Reporting services with an objective of providing Quality assured services at an accessible price for Micro, Small, and Medium level Enterprises . 

2 Feb 2020                         

Synergy Capital

On this day Synergy Capital merged all its business under one roof and under one leadership for the better management of the diversified business segments.


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